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Excavator Attachments

Gehl compact excavators allow for the change of attachments with a flip of a switch in the cab. The hydraulic Power-A-Tach® Quick Coupler allows attachment changes from the operator seat, the operator leaves the seat only to engage and disengage the safety pin.



Standard Rock Bits

Auger Bit - Rock Standard

The EDGE rock auger bits feature a reinforced fabricated boring head, double wrapped 5/16” flighting, conical carbide teeth and a standard “fi shtail” center point. EDGE rock auger bits are not intended for use in concrete or asphalt applications.

auger adapter diagram

Auger Bites - Adapters

EDGE auger bit adapters are available for adapting your round auger drive to a hex bit and and vice versa. Auger extensions are also available.

Auger Bit - Tree & Shrub

Auger Bites - Tree & Shrub

The EDGE tree and shrub auger bits feature 5/16” double wrapped flighting with smaller diameter auger flighting at the bottom leaving space for root balls, fertilizer, or mulch. The tree and shrub auger bits are approximately 50” in overall length with heat treated teeth and a “fishtail” center point.

Rock Conical Auger Bit

Auger Bits - Rock

Rock auger bits feature a reinforced fabricated boring head, double wrapped 5/16” flighting, conical carbide teeth and a conical “bullet-tooth”center point. These bits are 50” in overall length and not intended for use in concrete or asphalt applications.



Break concrete quickly and easily into load-ready debris with an EDGE® breaker. EDGE offers models from the 150 ft/lb impact energy class through the 1,500 ft/lb impact energy class.

Ditching Bucket

Bucket - Ditching

The EDGE ditching bucket for the compact excavator will enhance you machine’s grading capability in ditch cleaning and sloping applications.

Tilting Bucket

Bucket - Tilting

The EDGE tilting bucket for the compact excavator will enhance you machine’s grading capatilibites, ditch cleaning and sloping applications.



Use one bucket for a wide variety of applications, such as grading, scraping, grappling, dozing dirt, brush removal, material spreading and more. The high strength steel clam shell bottom is shaped to prevent bowing of heavy material and two large, guarded cylinders provide powerful clamping.

Auger Drive Chain

Chain Drive

The EDGE chain auger drives feature pre-stressed, fully adjustable reduction drives and the strongest connecting links available. EDGE chain drive augers come complete with hoses, top link and flat face couplers. Mounts and bits are sold separately.

Compaction Plate

Compaction Plate

EDGE compaction plates can be used anywhere a boom can reach in trenches, around foundations, on slopes or seawalls. Compaction plates can safely compact trenches, often eliminating the extra cost involved with a walk-behind unit and the added expense of trench boxes or shoring. EDGE compaction plates are also ideal for driving steel sheeting used for retaining walls.

Compaction Wheel

Compaction Wheel

Maximize the efficiency of your compact excavator with the EDGE compaction wheel. It eliminates the need to have personnel compacting material in the trench. Compaction wheels are designed to compact material in a trench as it is being filled.

Frost Ripper

Frost Ripper

EDGE frost rippers are specifically designed to pre-rip frozen ground and tough soil that exceeds a buckets recommended tolerance. It is also an excellent tool for removing stumps, roots and re-bar.



Similar in application to the compact loader grapples, the excavator grapple is designed to handle objects varying in size and shape. Remove large rocks, brush and debris with the excavator grapple. These grapples are not designed for digging or prying.

Slab Bucket

Pavement Removal Bucket

The EDGE pavement removal bucket is perfect for lifting, picking up and carrying concrete slabs from sidewalks, driveways or any construction site.

EX Pin

Pin Kits

Replacement pin kits to match your excavator’s original specifications.

Auger Planetary

Planetary Drive

The EDGE gear reduction drive units are designed for heavy-duty use in commercial and industrial applications. This is the ultimate auger attachment for those who demand the best and most durable units.MChoose auger drive units and bits in 2-9/16” Round or 2” Hex output shafts. Mounts, hoses, hydraulic couplers and auger bits are sold separately.

Spring Loaded Quick Attach

Quick Attach Couplers

The solution to increased productivity with added compact excavator versatility and less down time. EDGE Quick Attach Coupler Systems allow your equipment to quickly change multiple attachments for different uses.



EDGE hydraulic thumbs are specifically designed to aid in handling or loading irregular shaped objects or debris. The thumbs are not intended to be used for prying or ripping.