DL12-55 GEN:2
Telescopic Handler

  • Rated Lift Capacity (kg): 12,000 lbs. (5444)
  • Gross Power (kW): 120 hp (89)
  • Maximum Lift Height (m): 55' 5" (16.8)
  • Maximum Forward Reach (m): 40' 9" (12.3)
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Gehl DL12-55 GEN:2 Performance

The DL12-55 GEN:2 Telescopic Handler is a tool to increase jobsite productivity, develop new business and improve your return-on-investment.

  • Rear axle stabilization system locks the rear axle to the frame if the parking brake is engaged, if the boom is raised 60 degrees or higher, or if the PWP System is activated.
  • 10-degree frame tilt in both directions.
  • Double universal joints for tight turn radius without applying stress on the axle.
  • Two-wheel, four-wheel, crab steering standard.
  • Standard centrifugal pre-cleaner and two-stage air cleaner.
  • Powershift transmission with four forward and two reverse gears, with a 2-year/2,000-hour warranty.
  • Standard foam filled tires.
  • ROPS and FOPS certified operator's compartment.
Power (kW) 120 hp (89)
Maximum Travel Speed (km/hr) 22.8 mph (36.7)
Turning Radius (m) 12'2" (3.7)
Lift Capacity (kg) 12,000 lbs. (5444)

Operator's Cabin

Comfort comes standard on the DL12-55 GEN:2 Telescopic Handler, boasting 57 cubic feet of interior space.

  • Choice of Dual-Function or Tri-Function pilot-operated joysticks that allow operators precise movement of heavy loads
    • Dual-Function – fully proportional control for all functions.
    • Tri-Function – operator pre-set auxiliary hydraulic flow rate for optimum attachment performance; trigger control overrides pre-set for full flow and faster cycle times.
  • Lockable, two-piece cab door for security, communication and cross-ventilation.
  • Standard lockable storage compartment for service items, such as work gloves, tools, blueprints and more.
  • Choice of canopy or cab with heating and defrosting systems standard (air-conditioning optional).
  • Un-matched panoramic visibility increases work-site safety and operator productivity and reduces operator fatigue.
Gehl DL12-40 Operator's Station Controls


Gehl DL12-40 DL Series Steering
  • Three steering modes – 4-wheel, 2-wheel and crab – enhance maneuverability and are easily changed by the flip of a switch.
  • Industry loading job site maneuverability with a 12' 2" turning radius.

Remote Boom Control

The Remote Boom Control option allows operators to control boom and engine functions from outside the cab.

  • Remote Boom Control can raise/lower and extend/retract the boom, as well as start/stop the engine from the work platform or outside the cab.
  • Personnel Work Platform System allows the use of ANSI/ITSDF B56.6-compliant personnel work platforms for safety and efficiency.
Gehl DL12-40 GEN:2 Telehandler Remote Boom Control


Gehl DL12-40 GEN:2 DL Series Engine Access

The DL12-55 GEN:2 Telescopic Handlers provides the power to get work done effectively and efficiently.

  • Engine shutdown protection feature allows 30-seconds of run time for moving the unit to a safe location for loading or repair.
Manufacturer Cummins
Model 3.8L QSF Tier IV
Power (kW) 120 hp (89)
Maximum Travel Speed (km/hr) 22.8 mph (36.7)


The DL12-55 GEN:2 Telescopic Handler has the hydraulic power to get the job done.

Pump Type Dual Gear
Total Capacity (L/min) 19 gpm (72) / 24 gpm (91)
Main Relief Pressure (bar) 3,000 psi (207)
Auxiliary Relief Pressure (bar) 2,500 psi (172)
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity (L) 62.5 gal. (237)
Gehl DL12-40 Telehandler Hydraulics


There is a tool for every job, and the DL12-40 can power them all. Dynattach® Quick-Attach system allows quick attachment changes with unsurpassed ease.

A Carriages – Masonry, framing and standard carriages available in different widths.
B Rotating Carriage – 48” (1219 mm) and 66” (1676 mm) wide.
C Fork Shift - 48" (1270 mm) wide.
E Swing Carriage – 90° swing.
F Log and Pipe Grapple.
G Jib Boom - 5' (1.5 m) with winch and 60' (18.3 m) cable.
H Truss Boom - 12' (3.6 m) and 15' (4.5 m) with optional winch.


Side-mounted engine improves serviceability, allowing three-sided service access through a large, hinged hood.

  • Exterior boom hose routings for easy access.
  • Transmission and hydraulics easily accessed through large hinged panel.
  • Easy access to hydraulic oil and transmission reservoirs.
  • Hydraulic main control valve in back door.
  • Rifled bushings in key areas
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Specifications (standard)


Lift Capacity 12,000 lbs.
Maximum Lift Height 55'5"
Capacity at Maximum Lift Height 5,500 lbs.
Maximum Forward Reach 40'9"
Capacity at Maximum Forward Reach 2,000 lbs.
Maximum Reach Below Grade 2'10"

Load Chart

A 10,000 lbs.
B 8,000 lbs.
C 6,000 lbs.
D 5,000 lbs.
E 4,000 lbs.
F 3,000 lbs.
G 2,000 lbs.

Gehl DL12-40 Telehandler Load Chart


Manufacturer Cummins
Model 3.8L QSF Tier IV
Power  120 hp
Aspiration Turbocharged
Rated Speed 2,400 rpm


Transmission Dana 4-Speed Power Shift
Maximum Travel Speed  22.8 mph
Selective Steering 4-Wheel
Brakes Oil-Immersed, Disc-type
Parking Brake Spring-Applied, Hydraulic Release


Pump Type Dual Gear
Total Capacity  19/24 gpm
Main Relief Pressure  3,000 psi
Auxiliary Relief Pressure 2,500 psi
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity  62.5 gal. 

General Specifications

Approximate Weight 27,500 lbs. 
Length - Less Forks 20'10"
Width 8'3"
Ground Clearance 16"
Wheelbase 10'8"
Turning Radius 12'2"
Overall Height 8'6"
Frame Leveling - Left/Right 10°/10°
Fuel Capacity 30 gal.
Recommended Tire Type 14.00 x 24 G2 16-ply

Specifications (metric)


Lift Capacity 5443 kg
Maximum Lift Height 16.8 m
Capacity at Maximum Lift Height 2495 kg
Maximum Forward Reach 12.2 m
Capacity at Maximum Forward Reach 907 kg
Maximum Reach Below Grade 864 mm


Manufacturer Cummins
Model 3.8L QSF Tier IV
Power  89 kW
Aspiration Turbocharged
Rated Speed 2400 rpm


Transmission 4-speed Powershift
Maximum Travel Speed 36.7 km/hr
Selective Steering 4-Wheel
Brakes Oil-Immersed, Disc-type
Parking Brake Spring-Applied, Hydraulic Release


Pump Type Dual Gear
Total Capacity  72/91 L/min
Main Relief Pressure  207 bar
Auxiliary Relief Pressure 172 bar
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity  237 L

General Specifications

Approximate Weight 12,474 kg
Length - Less Forks 6.35 m
Width 2.5 m
Ground Clearance 406 mm
Wheelbase 3.3 m
Turning Radius 3.7 m
Overall Height 2.6 m
Frame Leveling - Left/Right 10°/10°
Fuel Capacity 114 L
Recommended Tire Type 14.00 x 24 G2 16-ply


Boom Length



Air Filter Pre-Cleaner Standard
Cold Weather Start Aid Standard
John Deer Turbocharged Diesel Engine Standard

Hydraulic System

Auxiliary Hydraulics Optional


Transmission Cut-out Standard

Electrical System

12-volt DC, Negative Ground Standard
Alternator, 90A Standard
Battery with 900 Cold-Cranking Amps Standard
Fuse Panel for Circuit Protection Standard


10° Frame Leveling Standard
Dynattach® Mount Optional
Dyncarrier® Optional
Fenders Standard
Lockable Storage Compartment Standard
Outriggers Optional

Operator Station

Air-Conditioning Optional
Dual-Function Joystick Boom Control Optional
Tri-Function Joystick Boom Control Optional
Enclosed Cab with Heater/Defroster Optional
FOPS Structure Standard
ROPS Structure Standard
Suspension Seat Standard
Tilt Steering Column Standard


Gauges: fuel level, hourmeter, oil pressure, water temperature, system voltage Standard
Visual Indicators: boom angle, boom extension, frame angle Standard

Optional Systems

Personnel Work Platform (PWP) System Optional
Remote Boom Control (RBC) System Optional


Work Light Package Optional


Gehl stands behind its products with a powerful warranty program. We know that Gehl equipment is put to the test each day, and we engineer and build our equipment to stand up to the challenges they face. To back up our commitment to quality, all Gehl equipment is backed by a twelve month warranty. An extended warranty is available for additional protection to your investment. Read more by clicking on the link to our warranty page below.

Gehl Warranty

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